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Healthier Choices, Healthier Me!

Weight Watchers, Really Works!

Read about KGH Accounting Clerk, Marsha DaSilva's story on how she joined Weight Watchers @ Work Program and was successful in loosing weight and how she is maintaining it!

Very early this year, I noticed that I was getting a little larger. When I went on vacation mid-March, I could really feel it. I was far from energetic. Hardly any of my clothes fit. I felt like a blob. I stepped on the scale after my vacation and was devastated at the number it displayed. It was more than I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant! Something had to change!

I got to work and it just so happened that the "Weight Watchers at Work Program" was being advertised. "That's the answer!" I thought, so I registered. The Weight Watchers coach gave us losts of information and resources. We were able to download an app to our cell phones that allowed us to scan bar codes on any food item and it would give us the point value per serving! This was a very handy tool, especially when grocery shopping! I learned how to make healthy substitutions in my baking (I love to bake) to produce much healthier foods. I now fill up on vegetables and fruits and can have treats once in a while, as long as I choose "better" treats and don't overdo it.

So working with Weight Watchers, watching what I ate and how much I ate, and getting in even just a 15 minute walk per day, I have noticed some big changes that showed on the scale too! Between April 5, 2016 and August 23, 2016 I had lost 35lbs!

I feel so much better and have so much more energy. I even like how I look! I continue to live by eating healthier and exercising regularly. Even though everyone says you should do these things, it's hitting that low that really motivates you. I'm so very thankful that I got introduced to the Weight Watchers @ Work Program. It really works!

Marsha DaSilva

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