If you are in crisis, emotional distress, or at risk of suicide call 9-1-1, go to the local hospital emergency room, or call the mental health crisis line at 613-544-4229 or if you are a KHSC staff member, contact Homewood Human Solutions at 1-800-663-1142. Someone is there to help.

Peer Partner Support Program

The KHSC Peer Partner Program is about people helping people and supports KHSC's goal to foster an environment that ensures psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace. Addressing mental health problems on your own isn't easy and the stigma itself can sometimes make it uncomfortable to ask for help from those you might usually access like your Manager or your Union. Peer Partners offer an alternative option for support when dealing with a variety of situations including mental health problems or situations causing emotional distress.

Here are your Peer Partners (click on the name for contact information)




While Peer Partners are not counselors or mental health experts and do not deal with performance issues, they are trained to provide confidential emotional first aid and assist the employee in overcoming barriers to getting the help they need. Peer Partners guide the affected individual toward the appropriate people who can help them and can be a valuable resource to someone who is dealing with a mental health issue, work stress, or a critical incident.

Peer Partners will provide you with:

  • Private, non-judgmental and empathetic listening and encouragement
  • Information on available resources both within and outside of KHSC
  • Information on policies related to workplace conduct and options for dealing with and/or reporting situations such as workplace harassment and bullying

Reach a Peer Partner via email: peerpartners@kingstonhsc.ca

To learn about becoming a peer partner contact Theresa Richard via email: theresa.richard@kingstonhsc.ca

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