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Jason's Story On Getting Active

Wellness Spotlight

Spotlighting our very own, KGH Environmental Services employee, Jason Matheson, and his journey into wellness. Find out how much weight he has lost, what motivates him, and how he makes wellness a family affair! Jason Matheson tells his story below.

Where to begin... my journey began back in 2012 in the summer while watching my sons play soccer. Mainly it was my oldest son Zach; because he was a little heavier, watching him struggle to keep up with the other boys on the team broke my heart. So how could I tell my son that he needed to lose weight when I was tipping the scale at 345lbs!

In September 2012 I started riding my bike to and from work for a total of 20km a day. In the winter of 2013, I started playing squash on weekends with my boys. It was an amazing activity to do with my boys because we were having fun and getting healthier together. So I have been cycling for 2 seasons now and playing squash for a year and my life has totally changed. Don't get me wrong, it's tough to get on that bike but it's a lifestyle change that has to take place and my journey is not over. I have gone from 345lbs down to 269lbs, lost countless inches off my body and I have gone from a 54 pant size down to 40, and a 56 jacket size down to 46.

The health benefits and impact on my family is crazy- the whole family is eating better and just more health conscious. My goal of 145lbs weightloss is just around the corner. If I can make the change, anyone can. All you have to do is keep moving forward everyday and never quit.


Jason Matheson

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