If you are in crisis, emotional distress, or at risk of suicide call 9-1-1, go to the local hospital emergency room, or call the mental health crisis line at 613-544-4229 or if you are a KHSC staff member, contact Homewood Human Solutions at 1-800-663-1142. Someone is there to help.

Wellness Presentations

Finding Stability with Chaos – Mindfulness Session for KHSC Staff

Watch recorded session HERE

Feeling out of sorts? Need to re-energize yourself? Why not consider taking part in our upcoming Mindfulness Session for KHSC StaffMindfulness has been shown to not only reduce stress, improve focus, resilience, memory, and immune function, but it can reduce anxiety, depression, and have positive effects on our overall well- being and life satisfaction. In the same way that we  build our physical fitness through exercise and provide nutrients to our bodies through a healthy diet, mindfulness can help us develop our mental fitness.

This session will consist of a short 15-minute introduction to mindfulness, followed by a 30-minute series of guided meditations from mindfulness experts with centuries of knowledge behind them. This session is being offered in collaboration with @wordsbyamrita, a positive project initiative, and Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute, a registered Canadian charity of roughly 450 Buddhist nuns located in Prince Edward Island whose mission is to bring peace and positivity to the world through practices of wisdom and compassion.


Self-Care for Healing Professionals - David Kessler

Watch Here

As professionals, we are great at caring for those around us and often put ourselves last. Self-care is not selfish, it’s vital! We have to refill our own tanks.

Being there for others is so important, but it can be challenging. We see so much pain around us. And if we are not careful, we often take that pain on.

I know that when my own father was dying in hospice, everyone thought I didn't need support because my work was grief. The truth is people often have heightened expectations of us and we often have heightened expectations of ourselves too. 

I have some other helpful resources that I would like to share with you so be on the lookout for your next message.

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LifeSpeak This Month:

A Practical Guide to Mindfulness June 2021


Homewood Life Lines:

Understanding Mental Health with Chronic Disease August 2021

Living a Fulfilling Life July 2021 






Caring to Cope Through COVID: Stories of Giving & Recieving Support by Workplace Strategies for Mental Health January 2021

COVID-19 and the Impact on Your Mental Health Presentation by Dr. Sandra Peimiabo, HomeWood Health  May 2020

Mental Health During COVID-19 for Healthcare Professionals by Katherine Sisak MSW, HomeWood Health November 2020

Moral Distress, Residue and Resiliency:Choosing the Real vs the Ideal by David Campblell PhD, Ethicist KHSC December 2020

Sleep in the Time of COVID-19 by Helen Driver PhD, KHSC March 2021

S.H.I.F.T Stress:Stress Managment Strategies by Vij Richards RP RN December 2020

The Second Wave and Your Mental Health by Sandy Kriegish, Clinical Manager HomeWood Health November 2020




PowerPoint Presentations:

Anxiety, Depression & COVID-19:Supporting Yourself & Others January 2021 (PDF)

Compassion Fatique & Burnout During COVID-19 March 2021 (PDF)

COVID-19: Communicatin in Family Life February 2021 (PDF)

COVID-19: Self-Care Strategies March 2021 (PDF)

COVID-19: Strategies for Managing Stress February 2021 (PDF)

Making Shiftwork Work for You January 2021 (PDF)

Mindfulness & Reducing the Stress Response to COVID-19 February 2021 (PDF)

Moral Distress and Resiliency Presentation by David Campbell PhD, Ethicist, KHSC  December 2020 (PDF)

Self-care and Stress Managment Strategies with Vij Richards RN, RP  December 2020 (PDF)

Sleep in the Time of COVID-19 by Helen Driver PhD, KHSC March 2021 (PDF)

The Fundamentals of Change & Transition April 2021 (PDF

The Science of Happiness December 2020 (PDF)








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